Soft Cloth Anti-Marking Fabric


Soft Cloth Anti-Marking Fabric

SC Fabric Product Characteristics

  • White colored Soft Cloth Anti-Marking Fabric
  • The non-woven Soft Cloth is applied to a polypropylene base
  • Polypropylene Base;
    • Does not stretch or shrink
    • Requires no adjustments
    • Provides stable surface for the non-woven Soft-Cloth Fabric
  • The Soft Cloth Fabric surface allows:
    • Soft cushioning effect
    • Alternative to netting or other cloth type products



Backing: SC Anti-Marking Fabric is available without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing*
Life Expectancy: In most applications, 1 to 2 months between replacement


A – Soft Cloth Non-Woven Fabric
B – Polypropylene Base

Anti-Marking Soft Cloth Availability

Product Description Color Bead Size Thickness
SC Fabric Soft Cloth / Non Adhesive White N/A .024”

All our materials can be supplied in individual cut sheets and custom size rolls, contact us for more information and pricing

*Available with or without moisture resistant treatment
*Pressure Sensitive Backing can be applied, minimum order required