Green Frog ICP Anti-Marking Jackets


Green Frog™ ICP Anti-Marking Transfer/Delivery Jackets

The Green Frog™ ICP Anti-Marking Jackets utilizes the Triple Silicon Coated High Performance ICP-S material and are specially designed to adapt to most all Heidelberg and other press models. They adapt to specific cylinder positions without the need for additional packing or expensive press alterations. The jackets are designed to install quickly and easily onto the transfer and delivery cylinder positions utilizing the OEM clamping systems. The jackets are pre-packed using a soft, heat and solvent resistant packing material that insures proper support of the printed substrate during the transfer process. We also use precision fabricated metal parts, using tempered and stainless steel to insure there are no fitting issues.


Bar to Rod Design

Heidelberg GTO 46/52 – MO 65

Bar to Bar Design

Heidelberg SM / SX 52

Bar to Slot Design

Heidelberg SM / SX 74

Rod to Rod Design

Heidelberg SM 72

Rod to Pin Design

Heidelberg SM 102

Rod to Rod Design

Heidelberg SM 102

The illustration below shows a typical Heidelberg press configuration.

The cylinders shown in Green are typically where the Green Frog ICP Anti-Marking Transfer Jackets are installed.

Hamada, Heidelberg, Mitsubishi and Ryobi are Trademarks of their respective companies

Green Frog Jackets are available for the following Press Models

Press Type Model Type Position
Hamada 234 Delivery
Hamada 452 Delivery
Heidelberg QM 46 Delivery
Heidelberg GTO 46 Transfer/Delivery
Heidelberg GTO 52 Transfer/Delivery
Heidelberg SM 52 Transfer/Delivery
Heidelberg SX 52 Transfer (U1)
Heidelberg MO 65/66 Transfer/Delivery
Heidelberg SM 72 Transfer/Delivery
Heidelberg SM 74 Transfer/Delivery
Heidelberg SM 102 Transfer/Delivery
Mitsubishi D300R Reversing
Ryobi 3302 Delivery
Ryobi 3304 Delivery

Contact us for other models not shown