ICP-P Premium Anti-Marking Paper


ICP-P "Premium" Anti-Marking Paper

ICP-P Product Characteristics

  • Brown colored Anti-Marking Paper
  • Single layer coating formula to protect the silicon glass beads
  • The silicon coated glass beads are uniformly coated and sealed to the surface of the oil-impregnated calendar paper base
  • Single layer of protection;
    • Single layer of an ink and oil resistant adhesive
  • The ink and oil resistant top coat allows:
    • Helps the ink repelling process


Backing: ICP-P Anti-Marking Paper is available without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing*

Life Expectancy: In most applications, 1 to 2 months between replacement



A – Ink & Oil Resistant Adhesive Coating
B – Glass Bead
C – Oil-Impregnated Calendar Paper Base

ICP Anti-Marking Paper Availability

Product Description Color Bead Size Thickness
ICP-P Paper - Type S Oil-Impregnated Paper / Non Adhesive Brown Small 125 Microns .009”
ICP-P Paper - Type L Oil-Impregnated Paper / Non Adhesive Brown Large 150 Microns .012”

  All our materials can be supplied in individual cut sheets and custom size rolls, contact us for more information and pricing.
*Pressure Sensitive Backing can be applied, minimum order required