• Anti-Marking Materials

    ICP-S High Performance Anti-Marking Films

    Shinoda USA Inc. offers more variations of Anti-Marking Films than any other supplier. We offer three types of Anti-Marking Films: Standard, Enhanced and High Performance. The differences in the types concern the frequency of maintenance (surface cleaning), longevity (life between replacement) and most importantly price. These Anti-Marking Films are also available in several surface textures (glass bead diameters) depending on the type of film you choose...

    ICP-P Premium Anti-Marking Paper

    While most printers prefer a product that can be maintained and cleaned there are still many printers that feel the ICP Anti-Marking Paper is just as reliable as Anti-Marking Films but are more economical in price and do not require as much or any maintenance at all. What makes our Anti-Marking Paper more efficient is that we use the same high quality materials in our manufacturing process as we use in our Anti-Marking Films...

    Packing and Tapes

    New Light Industrial Tapes

    New Light Tapes are industrial tapes made of Ultra-High Polymer Polyethylene. They are resistant to abrasion and superior to other tapes and films made from fluoric resins, nylon and other materials. They also provide self-lubricating capabilities and a coefficient friction that is as low as fluoric resins and has exceptional "slip" characteristics. They can be used in a wide variety of applications requiring qualities such as superior resistance to chemicals, static electricity, liquid absorption, vibration or shock and it is non-toxic...

    Specialty Products

    Green Frog ICP Anti-Marking Jackets

    The Green Frog ICP Anti-Marking Transfer Jackets are specially designed to adapt to most every Heidelberg and other press models without the need for additional packing or expensive press alterations. The jackets are designed to install quickly and easily onto the transfer and delivery cylinder positions utilizing the OEM clamping systems. The Green Frog Jackets are pre-packed using a soft, heat and solvent resistant packing material that insures proper support of the printed substrate during the transfer process...

    Soft Cloth Anti-Marking Fabric

    Fabric type Anti-Marking materials have been available for many years and as with any product they can provide a solution just as Anti-Marking Films and Papers. Great for heavy or non-absorbent substrates such as plastics or metalized materials. The Soft Cloth Anti-Marking Fabric is an alternative solution for sensitive printing applications that require support in the form of cushioning...


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Frog Blog

Frog Blog

Today's blog concerns the letters I.C.P. many people know the term but no one seems to know what it means. Although they associate it with anti-marking films as a generic term it is actually a trademark of Shinoda & Co.,Ltd. and the letters ICP were originally associated with the anti-marking paper Shinoda developed. The term ICP actually stands for Intermediate Cylinder Press Paper. Today we use the ICP trademark for all our anti-marking films and the ICP term now stands for Ink Contamination Prevention.